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About Innobranch

What is Innobranch?

Innobranch is an online platform for facilitating collaboration among businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises, SMEs and startups from all around the world.

Startups spanning across different verticals

Our Partnership Map

North America

Combridge Innovation Center, Harvard Innovation Lab. Berkeley SkyDeck, Toranto Glabal, etc


CDI Labs, Digital Health Port, German Chamber of Industry & Commerce, etc

Middle East

Dubai Future Foundation, Tan Group, etc

South America

Oriente, Cubo, Redpoint Ventures, etc


ACCMSME (ASEAN Coordinating Committee on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), Agorize, Taiwan Startup Stadium, RISE, Gain, Enterprise Singapore, MAGIC, etc

We Connect Corporations and Startups

Innobranch provides multi-directional connections at the intersection of different ecosystem players from all across the globe.

Programs and Services

KITA is dedicated to building relationships for startups at different levels, but Particularly for corporate-startup partnerships.

A startup ecosystem is composed of different
stakeholders : Resource providers & facilitators,
accelerators & incubators, Venture capitalists &
financial investors, and lastly, corporate

Establishing business leads with large
corporations requires a highly sophisticated
approach, as it needs a vast amount of resources
to develop.
However, once nurtured, it leads to the most
promising business opportunities.

Terms of Service

The Korea International Trade Association (“KITA”) collects and uses your PI in accordance with Article 15(1)1 of the Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA”) as described below:

- Types of PI collected and used: Name, corporate email address, mobile number and company name
- Purpose: Provide information and opportunities to participate in the KITA’s startup support programs, contact for further meetings
- Period of possession and use: 5 years from the collection date

You may refuse to consent to the collection and use of PI, but it may restrict the applying company from participating in the KITA’s startup support programs.